5/2 @ 12pm JST "All I Want Is You" Official Music Video Premiere!

Join us for the Official Music Video Premiere of my latest single “All I Want Is You” via YouTube tomorrow, SUN MAY 2 @ 12pm JST!


マヤ・ハッチ最新シングル『All I Want Is You』オフィシャルミュージックビデオのプレミア配信!



* the backstory *

“All I Want Is You” was written when my husband @boodah___bridge & i fell in love in 2018. at the time, i had just come out of a series of toxic relationships that left me feeling hopeless about love. but it was witnessing my best friend give birth & her husband’s love & support that inspired me to commit to finding someone who would love & support me similarly. at the top of my “wish list” for my dream partner was someone sincere who wanted as much as me, to create world peace. i began chanting to meet a man that embodied my values & he appeared in my life shortly after that in the form of MC BOODAH♡ as fellow Buddhists & artists, we spoke over the phone everyday for a month while i was in LA working on my previous single “Fly Away” & this one, encouraging each other to bring out our best selves. the happiness & peace his love gifted me then also gifted me this song.

aside from wanting to feature @3ntertainer dancing behind a beautiful backdrop, initially i had no clear vision for the video. as i toiled & toiled over ideas that just weren’t coming, one night i was awoken by a stark revelation to film it at RINSHI NO MORI, a park that my beloved grandfather would take me to as a child. some of my most cherished childhood memories took place at that park where he never missed a day to feed the pigeons, nor an opportunity to proudly introduce me to his fellow park goer friends. through our trips to this park, he instilled in me the importance of acknowledging & appreciating every life’s existence.

this song & video wouldn’t have been possible without the inspiration of the incredible people who brought it to life just by being the amazing beings that they are:

Music Production/Engineering: @ateamermusic
Co-writing: @crazzylew
Video/Production: @on1tokyo
Featuring: @boodah___bridge
Choreography: @3ntertainer
Dance: @3ntertainer & @mayowasensei
Photography: @svsing.ppp
Logo Design: @apollover

i especially want to express my deepest gratitude to @jokelana for his endless patience & dedication in the making of this video.

💟=☮️, ∞.