NEW SINGLE「つめたくしないで」out now!


* NEW SINGLE「つめたくしないで」・“Tsumetakushinaide” out now! *



日本で一番好きな歌手、吉田美和さんが1995年にリリースしたソロアルバム『beauty and harmony』から一番好きな曲、「つめたくしないで」をマルセロ木村さんの素敵なアレンジで、そして彼の素晴らしいバンドと一緒にカバーしました!




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Happy to announce the release of a new single arranged & produced by my dear friend Marcelo Kimura!

This one is a cover of Miwa Yoshida (lead singer of the J-POP band DREAMS COME TRUE)’s song “Tsumetakushinaide” (which translates to ‘don’t be mean to me’) from her solo album “beauty and harmony” released in 1995.

I first became mesmerized by Miwa’s incredible singing & songwriting as a young girl when my mother (a die-hard Dreams Come True fan) would play me their music while she belted along to every word, simultaneously translating her favorite lines to me.

It was my father though, who introduced me to this song that did something to me then & every time I hear it still. The 1995 album features this song on the 2nd track & is backed by a legendary group of jazz musicians she recorded with in NYC. Needless to say, this singer, this album & this song played a huge role in shaping me into the artist I am today & continues to have an everlasting impact on my artistry & craft.

I hope you enjoy our rendition and be sure to check out Miwa Yoshida’s original version as well!

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「つめたくしないで」吉田美和 COVER (“Tsumetakushinaide” – Miwa Yoshida COVER) by:

Maya Hatch – vocals
Marcelo Kimura – guitars, arranging, mixing, cover art, video editing
Kiichiro Komobuchi – bass
Ryo Saito – drums
Gennoshin Yasui – percussion

Now available on all digital platforms!